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Calza Medactive allows you to #WalkFree with footwear specifically designed to give relief to those who experience foot discomfort.

In collaboration with Ferozesons Laboraties Limited, Calza Medactive has been recommended by medical professionals as the ultimate comfort provider.

Features and Benefits

Arch Support - The insole is designed to absorb most pressure points on the foot.

Anti-Slip - Special patches on the base sole allow the user to #WalkFree on any surface without the problem of slipping.

Breathable - The upper material is a breathable fabric, allowing room for the foot so that your feet do not feel stressed or tight.

Adjustable Fitting - The elasticity of the material allows for an adjustable fit that accommodates all types of feet.

Lightweight - The footwear is extremely light, ensuring the user feels easy when wearing or using the footwear.

Washable - The material is easily washable to make the footwear look as good as new.

All-Day Comfort - Provides ultimate comfort for round-the-clock usage so that the user can #WalkFree without any worry.

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